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Mike wrote this on December 6, 2017

Today we’re proud to be able to announce a brand new integration with a 3rd party plugin. This integration allows you to

  • Capture way more leads than you would with normal forms
  • Offer discounts to customers who WIN and give them an incentive to play
  • Capture leads in a number of ways (exit intent, on page scroll, plus much more)
  • Automatically have those leads in your Zero BS CRM

Introducing WP Optin Wheel Pro

This is a beautifully designed plugin that allows you to capture leads on your website in exchange for a prize. This drastically increases the number of leads you’ll collect compared to the standard “name, email” type forms. The chance of winning a discount, or a free prize (such as a free e-book) makes more people opt in and give you their details.

Spin your way to more leads

You can use the Optin Wheel anywhere that suits you and there’s plenty of themes included. What’s even better is now the plugin supports Zero BS CRM and your leads can be added directly to your CRM.

WP Optin Leads added directly to Zero BS CRM

This is the kicker, when using WP Optin Wheel, the connector sends those leads directly into your CRM. Once your lead is in the CRM you can use all the power of the CRM to make sure that you manage the relationship properly.  Adding the contacts to Zero BS CRM from WP Optin Wheel is remarkably simple.

It’s a simple two step process:-

  • Install and Activate the Zero BS CRM Optin Wheel Connector extension (included with all Entrepreneur Bundle purchases)
  • Zero BS CRM will pop up on the “integrations” tab. Click it, choose what status you want to add contacts as and you’re good to go

Funnel leads to a central Zero BS CRM

You can even have your Zero BS CRM install on a different website to your WP Optin Wheel plugin and send leads to your CRM using the Zero BS CRM (the plugin makes this incredibly easy to do too). This is beneficial if you want to

  • Capture leads from WP Optin on a lot of sites (funnelled into a single ZBS CRM install)
  • You keep your ZBS CRM separate to your main site, but just love this plugin and want to use it to generate leads

Notice the difference in the screenshot below, if Zero BS CRM isn’t installed on your site (but the connector extension is) then WP Optin Wheel Pro asks for your ZBS CRM API credentials so that leads can be sent directly to your CRM. Winner.

Setting up the Wheel

Once you’ve chosen Zero BS CRM as your integration – you then proceed to configure your Optin Wheel. First up, you confirm you want Zero BS CRM to handle the leads ? ?

Next you choose your theme (and there’s plenty to choose from here, including festive themes)

Once you have your theme, you need to choose which fields to have on your forms

Build your forms

You can add as many fields here as you like. For Zero BS CRM we suggest collecting First Name, Last Name and Email but you can collect more if you like (it connects with the CRM fields and allows you to capture as much as you like)

Capturing the least amount of data on first contact, then getting additional data later through the CRM is the sure fire way to maximise your WP Optin conversion rate.

Ask for too much info up front and you’ll get fewer sign ups. Once you’ve setup your form you configure the wheel “slices” for what you want people to stand a chance of winning.

Set up the slices

Choose the Wheel Behaviour

This is a big one.. there’s so much you can do here and it’s way too much for this post.  We’ll cover some of them below

  • Content Settings – allow you to change the language on your wheel
  • Design Settings – you can choose various themes and colors
  • Behaviour Settings – this is great and where you choose how it displays (on exit intent, on page scroll, after a delay, etc)
  • Email Settings – send the contact an email if they’re a winner.
  • Integrations – there’s even some additional webhooks if you want to process more

We hope you love this plugin as much as we do, and now it’s fully compatible with Zero BS CRM we 100% recommend you give it a spin when generating your leads.

In Summary

WP Optin Wheel Pro is a great plugin to capture more leads and with the Zero BS CRM Optin Wheel Connector you make sure these leads go directly into your CRM.

Here’s what you need to start collecting more leads from your websites

Have fun using the wheel and then use Zero BS CRM to manage the relationships with your newly captured leads. It’s a perfect combination and something everyone should start using.

Posted December 6, 2017

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