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Mike wrote this on July 20, 2020

We’ve some big news today: ZBS CRM is now Jetpack CRM!

Following our acquisition by Automattic, we spent a lot of time carefully considering the next steps for ZBS CRM, and decided that rebranding as Jetpack CRM was a great choice. 

Jetpack’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed by providing tools that make their website the best it can be. We felt this was a great match, as we created ZBS CRM with the same end goal in mind — helping you succeed through better customer relationships. 

Version 4.0 of the plugin is now available and has the new branding. All extensions will require an update, which you can do from your WordPress dashboard (please do back up first).

“Becoming Jetpack CRM has happened at an ideal time. Our WordPress CRM is ripe for the refinements which working with world-class engineers will help us deliver.”Woody

“It makes good sense for our WordPress CRM to evolve into a more mature plugin under the Jetpack brand. What we’ve built is highly effective for entrepreneurs and small teams, and to keep it that way as we grow, we need refined engineering support.” – Mike

We hope you’re as happy and excited as we are about the rebrand. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. If you’ve any other questions which haven’t been answered, see you in the comments section below.

What happened to Woody and Mike?

We are still behind the product 100%. We’re now part of Jetpack, leading the Jetpack CRM team along the path we started as ZBS CRM. No-nonsense tools for entrepreneurs — we’re not giving that up!

Do I have to use Jetpack to use Jetpack CRM?

No, you do not need to use the Jetpack Plugin to keep using Jetpack CRM.  There are great reasons to use Jetpack with Jetpack CRM together — our support for Jetpack contact forms, and security features like Jetpack Backup or Jetpack Scan — but it’s not required.

Are prices going up?

We have no plans to increase our pricing at this time. You can still lock in at our current pricing (whether a new customer, or upgrading your plan).

What about the white label product?

Our rebranding / white label service is still available. You can continue to use Jetpack CRM, rebrand it for your own private use, and for selling to your clients. (You can join the Reseller Program here, which includes white label).

This rebrand is the first step toward the future of ZBS/Jetpack CRM. We’re growing as a team, and we’re going to continue developing in the spirit of no-nonsense software for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

What is ACTUALLY changing?

For now the only plugin changes are cosmetic and we’ve allowed for backwards compatibility so existing shortcodes will still work. We strongly recommend that you update and test your CRM setup with the following changes

Action Hooks
zbs-contact-vital-tabs -> jetpack-crm-contact-vital-tabs
zbs-company-vital-tabs -> jetpack-crm-company-vital-tabs

[zerobscrm_clientportal] -> [jetpackcrm_clientportal]
[zerobscrm_unsubscribe] -> [jetpackcrm_unsubscribe]
[zbs_form ...] -> [jetpackcrm_form ...]

zbs_listener -> jetpackcrm-listener

Contact Form 7
zbs-tags -> jetpackcrm-tags
addtozbs -> jetpackcrm-add

Gravity Forms
addtozbs -> jetpackcrm-add
zbs-tags -> jetpackcrm-tags
makezbsinv -> jetpackcrm-makeinvoice

Jetpack CRM is an independent plugin from Jetpack – you do not need to install Jetpack to keep using Jetpack CRM. We’ve released this as version 4.0 as it marks a big milestone. 

What’s next?

We’re focusing on fixing any bugs that have been reported and continuing to enhance the existing features and functionality of the CRM. 

How do I keep up to date with developments?

If you’re already on our email list, you’ll continue to get updates — if you’re not on the list, you can keep up to date with us by signing up here.

Posted July 20, 2020

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